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Learn Ballet from an Award-Winning Ballerina  

Ballet for Beginners - online course is designed to be taken from the comfort of your home while providing you with a thorough training and detailed learning experience. Get your feet wet and start developing ballet skills, strength, flexibility, coordination and so much more..

Brand new to ballet? Perfect! Ballet for Beginners is a step-by-step training program to be taken at your own pace. It's suitable for all ages and will introduce you to all the fundamentals, many great exercises and ballet routines taught by a professional ballerina, Elina Miettinen, from American Ballet Theatre. 


In case you've wondered what professional dancers do on daily basis to maintain their strong and graceful appearance, it's now all combined in one course.

Elina has performed worldwide, trained with the top coaches, overcome many injuries and has a lot to share with you with a mission of helping you achieve the results you desire.

Ballet is a unique form of exercise. Not only does it work your body from head to toes, but it also engages you on a deeper level and makes you more focused. It also helps you improve posture, reduce stiffness and strengthen muscles. In addition it makes you look leaner, more graceful and the list goes on!

Elina's ballet course is specifically for beginners who are new to ballet or/and for those who have a little (1-2 years of training) experience. She has designed it to make it easier and more accessible for you to learn ballet anywhere and at anytime.

Ballet Body Today platform is for all ages and will jump start your ballet training skills with a guided, detail-oriented online course.

Already know the basics? We also offer a Master Class for beginner/intermediate levels that you can check out.

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Elina has been featured in and appeared with:

Ballet pointe shoes and white tutu skirt

The course is designed to be easy to start and easy to stick with!

The results you've always wanted:

Perfect posture, sculpted legs and arms

Strong yet graceful appearance

Improved mood and confidence

The flexibility you never thought is possible!

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Ballet Dancers

Beginner + Intermediate Level



Aine O'Sullivan, 

University of Utah, Ballet BFA Major

I was able to gain a stronger foundation, cleaner technique, enhanced artistry, and an overall better understanding of my body.

I always left a session with Elina exhilarated and feeling accomplished but eager to keep working. She's incredibly caring and always pushes you to your fullest potential. I highly recommend Elina's course to anyone from a beginner to professional level!

Valorie Hubbard,

CEO of Actor's Fast Track

Elina's ballet course kicked my butt!! In a good way, my husband really sees the difference!! So I am going to keep doing it, because clearly I am getting amazing results. She makes it super easy for amateurs like myself to learn top ballet techniques used by top ballerina's I LOVE IT!!! I highly recommend this course to everyone! 

              Andrea Cook,

Artistic Director of the Fairfax Ballet

Elina is a delightful artist, teacher and person. Our students of all levels felt so comfortable in her class and learned so much from basic corrections, artist nuances and how to expand how they approach class. She was able to provide our students a strong technical class that was still very danceable and fun for all. You’ll definitely enjoy taking her course!

The hardest part is getting started and sticking with your plan.


I got you!

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  • How many lessons does the course have? The course has 10 modules, that include all the basics, details of the technique, demonstration and explanation of each step, stretches, 6 full ballet classes (each class is 60/80 min long and can be taken in 20 minute parts), warm up class, strength and stamina exercises, balance, coordination practice and much more!

  • How long do I have access to the course? You will have access to the course for the whole year.

  • Do I need a ballet barre to take this course? Ballet barre is not necessary for taking this course. It is specifically designed for you to be able to take from home.

  • I've never taken ballet. Is this course for me? Absolutely! This course is for the very beginners and each step is demonstrated and explained in detail.

  • I don't have ballet shoes, can I still take this course? Yes! You can wear anything you feel comfortable in to take this course.

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