About the Founder

"I've been a ballet dancer my whole life, and a big chunk of my career I spent dancing with the American Ballet Theatre, America's National Ballet Company. I've had a ton of people ask me about my exercise regimen, my diet and whether I teach ballet to "non-dancers". So I've decided to create BBT to help as many people as possible."

Elina Miettinen

Ballet has been proven to improve posture, muscle tone, coordination and to increase strength and flexibility.

"My course Ballet-for-Beginners is for all ages and for anyone who is curious enough to try ballet. Each movement is explained and demonstrated to make it easy for you to understand. My teaching is very detail-oriented and focused on the whole body from head to toes. I have combined a series of exercises and stretches that are simple enough for a beginner to follow along but still challenging enough to feel accomplished. Those exercises have kept my body strong, prevented me from injuries and given me an overall good health.

You will learn the fundamentals of ballet, develop a strong body and learn to carry yourself with grace amongst many other things.. My mission is to inspire and to encourage people to learn ballet all over the world and provide them with a thorough training that is only a click away.

I invite you to join this incredibly rewarding journey, that will leave you happier, more confident and feeling more accomplished!"

"Ballet has taught me to be disciplined in anything I do in life."

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