Whether you'd like to make ballet a new hobby, develop a new skill or you're looking for new ways to exercise we are here for you. This course is for the very beginners of all ages and it's designed to be taken at your own pace. It is also great for those who have been training for a year or two, but need to deepen their knowledge and skills in ballet. No more shifting your schedule around so you can make it to a scheduled class. On top of that you'll get to learn ballet from the top professional and get into an amazing shape!

As a ballerina of the American Ballet Theatre for over a decade Elina has combined her knowledge and expertise into this course to make it as educational, progress-oriented and result-driven as possible.

Ballet for Beginners is designed to be taken for 6 weeks for achieving the best results. However, there is no pressure on completing the course at a certain time and you can take as much time as you like. You can re-visit the lessons as many times as you need. This course is jam-packed with exercises and information with a goal of investing into a stronger and healthier you. After purchasing the course you will have access to it for the full year.

Online Course

Knowledge of the ballet technique

Improved Posture

Strong Core

Leaner and Stronger Muscles

Increased Flexibility

Improved Coordination

Better turnout

Overall Better Understanding of Your Body


Results after taking this course:

The Course Includes:

- 10 modules (10 hours worth of information!)

- The Basics (3 lessons); posture, correct body alignment, turnout, arm, leg & head positions, directions, coordination, the most common ballet steps, ballet vocabulary

6 full ballet classes with detailed explanation and demonstration & execution with music. Each class is 60/80 min long and broken into 20 min parts. In total you will get 20 classes if taken in 20 minute sections.

- Warm up exercises to do before class

Exercises at the barre and center

- Stretches, strength & stamina building

- Certificate upon completion!


Course Price 


(normally $245)

1 year unlimited access

(one time payment)

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Taught by a ballerina from American Ballet Theatre

10 modules = 10 hours worth of ballet technique!

Ballet Dancers

Already know the basics?

Try our Master Class.

Suitable for beginners and intermediate level students who are looking to know ballet in more depth .


  • How many lessons does the beginner's course have and what does it include? The course has 10 modules, that include all the basics, details of the technique, demonstration and explanation of each step, stretches, 6 full ballet classes (each class is 60/80 min long and can be taken in 20 minute parts), warm up class, strength and stamina exercises, balance, coordination practice and much more!

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    You will have access to the course for a full year.

  • Do I need a ballet barre to take this course? Ballet barre is not necessary for taking this course. It is specifically designed for you to be able to take from home.

  • I've never taken ballet. Is this course for me?

    Absolutely! This course is for the very beginners and each step is demonstrated and explained in detail.

  • I don't have ballet shoes, can I still take this course?

    Yes! You can wear anything you feel comfortable in to take this course.

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